How to choose a good cut of beef according to the type of preparation

Pot, frying pan, oven and grill, are the four most traditional ways of cooking meats in general. In the case of beef, it is necessary to be very careful and informed to know how to choose the cooking method that best suits the characteristics of each cut, as the success of the preparation will depend on it.
By way of example, a cut of beef especially for the pot, such as goose chicken, is dry and extremely tough when grilled, regardless of any grilling technique or secret we may apply to it. On the other hand, when "properly cooked" in the pan, the same cut will stand out for its juiciness and delicious tenderness.
In order not to fail, let's review the main beef cuts and the preparation methods that bring out the qualities of each one. Every good cook has an obligation to be well-informed.
The speed of this way of preparing meat makes it one of the most convenient and useful to apply in home kitchens. What could be simpler than to light a burner, pour a drop of oil on the pan and put the meat to cook with a little salt and, perhaps, a little garlic and onion. It will only take a few minutes to enjoy the full flavour of a juicy steak, as long as it is the right cut.
For the frying pan, the asiento picana (popularly known as asiento a secas), a cut distinguished by its square shape and dark red colour, will never fail. Another must for the frying pan is the fillet, the epitome of beef, which has an elongated shape with rounded edges, a real delicacy.
Other cuts that are perfect with this way of cooking are, of course, the smooth and vetoed loin, the lever, the goose chicken, the three postas (black, shoulder and pink), the goose tip, the huachalomo, the goose and the choclillo.
A la casserole
The preparation of the meat in the casserole stands out for being one of the softest and juiciest. The meat is cooked in its own juices, but not before searing it to bring out its flavour and give it a golden appearance on the surface. It is common to add vegetables such as carrots, onions and paprika, as well as seasonings such as garlic, cumin and thyme. It all depends on personal taste.
The goose tip, with its conical shape and tasty fat on the outside, is one of the most commonly used to be put in the pot. Other common cuts for this method of preparation are choclillo, plateada, chicken goose and punta paleta.
The list of pot-roasted meats can be completed with the following cuts: asado carnicero, asado de tira, asiento, filete (of course), ganso, huachalomo, abastero, malaya, palanca and postas paleta and rosada.
Generally used for special occasions and celebrations, the oven is a form of cooking that, when used well, results in tender and juicy meat: for this, the management of temperature and time is key, as well as the type of cut that is cooked.
Asado carnicero, with its elongated and flattened shape, is one of the cuts that is perfect in the oven as it has the right amount of fat for this type of preparation. The paleta tip, with its marked and exquisite flavour, is also at its best when cooked in the oven: it is always advisable to bake the cuts whole, in order to make the most of all the juices inside.
The list is completed by the asiento, choclillo, fillet, lomo liso, lomo vetado, posta paleta, posta rosada and punta de ganso.
The mother of all ways of preparing meat, especially if it is grilled over charcoal. The popularity of the grill is increasing day by day, acquiring the status of a real ritual for red meat lovers.
The golden brown exterior and juicy interior seem to reach their perfect point in the heat of the grill, which is achieved by the wisdom of whoever takes the reins of the roast.
A cut that borders on perfection on the grill is, of course, the loin steak, thanks to the exquisite infiltrated fat it possesses. Its cousin, the tenderloin, is also one of the stars for grilling, although leaner and less flavoursome than the former.