Twitter for business: an essential tool, but for what?

There was a time when seeing a blue bird didn't mean anything to anyone (except ornithologists).
The same cannot be said today: created in 2006, Twitter (with its famous little blue bird) has quickly established itself as one of the main social networks.
With more than 500 million subscribers worldwide and more than 7 million in France, Twitter has become part of everyone's daily life, especially in the professional environment.
Twitter has even become so commonplace that in June 2012, the words "Twitter" (proper noun), "twitt" or "tweet", "twitteur" or "twitteuse", as well as "twitter" or "tweeter", made their appearance in the 2013 edition of the Petit Larousse.
How to use Twitter?
Twitter is defined as a service that allows you to tell what you are doing at the time you are doing it. In concrete terms, Twitter allows an Internet user to send free tweets, in fact short messages limited to 140 characters.
The concision imposed by the format is the essential difference between Twitter and a traditional social network.
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Professionals, do you speak Twitter?
More than any other social network, Twitter has its own codes, its own lexical field and its own rules of conduct.
For example, we're not going to send you a DM (Direct Message) to tell you about the famous hashtags, which we no longer need to introduce! Instead, dear Twittos, come and have a look at our TL (Timeline or news feed), we'll give you a "Welcome to the great community of our followers"!
Twitter for businesses, how does it work?
Like all social networks, Twitter allows you to create a list of subscribers (the famous followers), so that you can inform them of your news, or even follow theirs (the news feed).
This list of followers is very easy to manage and allows for multiple interactions.
In addition to following accounts (following) or being followed (by your followers), you can RT (retweet) publications that seem relevant to you, and mention other followers (@).
On a professional level, you can therefore follow brands to obtain specific information, or people whose publications you appreciate, or who are influential in your field of activity.
This is one of the benefits of Twitter.
Good reasons for your company to be on Twitter
On Twitter, information circulates very quickly, in a very concise and therefore often precise manner. Your customers, your competitors, are listening to what is being written.
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Your company on Twitter
When you are a company and you open an account on Twitter, you can legitimately aim to increase your visibility, create a community and improve your brand image.
Yes, all of the above.
Using Twitter to build a community
Twitter is a tool that will allow you to easily inform your community, build loyalty and make it grow.
But also and above all, to interact with them. This last point is the whole point of social networks, and it is the main reason why they are so popular with the public: because they put everyone in the spotlight.
So, exploit the vein shamelessly: listen to your consumers' feedback, exchange with them, and put your customers in the spotlight.
Twitter to increase your visibility, with influencers
Analysts, journalists and influencers of all kinds are very present on Twitter.
Posting information that might interest them, retweeting their content and engaging in a dialogue with them is an excellent way to get these influencers to talk about your products or your company.
The short format of the messages makes them easy to read - fast - effective.
That's why Twitter has become the benchmark for viral information dissemination.