What the Akashic Records are and how to open them : methods and questions

If you have come to this article, it is because you are curious about what the Akashic Records are, or because you are interested in accessing or opening the Akashic Records. In the following lines we will try to define what this concept is and what are the principles followed by those who trust in the reading of the Akashic Records, for which there is no scientific evidence.
What are the Akashic Records?
In a simple (and perhaps somewhat literary) way, we can define the Akashic Records as a library of vibrational energy that stores the history of one's own existence. This energy contains information from the past, present and future. People who claim to be able to access the Akashic Records and interpret this energy say that information can be found about any of our states, present or past. This is particularly useful for accessing information about past experiences in order to understand what is happening now and how it might be focused in the future.
Some experts define the Akashic Records as the archive of your soul's journey, from the moment it originates until it finally returns home. This journey can take millennia, although these authors claim that it does not matter how old the soul is, as these records contain all the thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds of each lifetime. Many people imagine these records as a library in which each book represents a lifetime. Some people think of the records as a computer with all the information stored on the hard drive.
These Akashic Records are available to anyone at any time, you just have to know how to access and interpret them. That does not mean that anyone can have access to all the information. Some content is off limits to observation depending on intent. So it is important to have a clear mind and soul before entering.
How to open the Akashic Records
There are different ways to access or open the Akashic Records. Some people claim to get there through astral projection or near-death experiences, but these are completely unnecessary. Others claim to have been guided there by angels and other spiritual beings. Despite these claims, which many do not take into consideration, experts claim that the simplest method is meditation. Guided meditations for this purpose can be found on the internet, the creators of which claim to offer a walkthrough of the entire process of accessing the Akashic Records.
Accessing the Akashic Records through meditation begins like any other meditation session: it starts with some focused breathing until the person feels that he or she is entering a meditative state. Colloquially speaking, accessing these records is like tuning a radio: just find the right frequency and, using tiny movements, tune to the clearest possible sound. In this case, you need to concentrate on increasing your vibrational energy. This is the only requirement for entry into the Akashic Records. One way to do this is to contact your spirit guides and ask for their help and guidance in reaching the optimum state that connects you to that non-physical (or etheric) plane of existence.
Another method of access is visualisation. Imagine that there is a beam of light shining down from above. It is a pure white light and it begins to lift you off the ground, almost as if you are being abducted. As you feel that rising sensation, you begin to feel your body's connection to that energy. The higher you rise, the more the vibrational energy increases. When you feel that you literally cannot go any higher, look up and visualise yourself opening a door. There will be darkness behind this door, but soon you will begin to see shapes, symbols or colours. You may even hear noises or voices.
What to expect with these methods
Generally, the most common perceptions you will receive are through sensations. According to Akashic Records experts, this inner energy is your own spirit accessing information that your conscious mind cannot digest on its own. You need, therefore, to open yourself to the experience and receive whatever information you can take in. It is often beneficial to go back to the Akashic Records, they say, to make notes of what you experienced. If you saw symbols, draw them. If you heard noises, describe them. If you had feelings, explain them. It may all make sense after several sessions.